Our History

Fabiani Yacht was founded on the foundations of the historic Intermare shipyard founded in 1973 and overwhelmed by the nautical crisis after more than thirty years of activity, during which it had reached a staff of almost 100 employees. At the peak of production, the shipyard built over 60 boats per year, up to 50 feet (about 16 meters) sold in Italy and abroad.

In mid-2015, a passionate boating businessman, “recovers” as much as possible the history of the shipyard, and is committed to the relaunch of shipbuilding.

The previous documentation, the projects (including «worksheets» with timing, methods and costs of the various phases) is analyzed, but decides to not start from the «size» of Intermare yachts.

Times have changed as well as the interest of customers for Yachts of this size and it is decided for an epochal turn.

The yard changes its name and becomes Fabiani Yacht S.r.l.

After years of pause, the main problem was identified in the initial lack of interesting models.

Hence the decision to postpone the launch of the first realizations as long as it was possible to associate an adequate image of innovation with a range of models, sizes and different types; although they share a “family feeling” and an original style.

The projects took about three years of intense work “out of the spotlight”, but now the prospects are tempting!