Who We Are

Understanding boating, passing through: Yacht design, innovation, construction, use of boats, security, respect for the environment, energy saving, comfort, the beauty of the exclusive style and above all


Fabiani Yacht has a choice like few others. In fact, it decided to not design boats considered homologated by the same market that the first producers contributed to generate, but rather each yacht, individually, must be, for “Fabiani Yacht”, a creation in its own right.

A Unique Work, from many points of view!

After the recent boating crisis, rather than starting from about sixty boats a year up to 50 feet, produced by the previous management until a few years ago, a very ambitious relaunch was decided. First of all, since the beginning, the aim was the need of an innovation: “Botas that will start a new concept, with technical solutions that will produce e generational leap in the recreational boating field”.

Refined mechanics, powers, performance and components of the highest level. No stylistic compromise or containment of the construction costs that could  decrease the best engineering techniques, both in terms of reliability and performance. The decisions were not easy for which many conventional solutions have been “deliberately” discarded that (perhaps by habit) continue to find “irreplaceable” use for years, despite today’s progress even with limited resources, better results combining efficiency, effectiveness, style and performance.

The importance of understanding the uses that can be made of such a yacht has been considered indispensable. Uses that can not be too much subordinated to stylistic or discretionary conditioning, such that with specific sea conditions can conflict with practicality, functionality and above all with security.

Also the accuracy of the realization, the production methods, the list of checks and controls in operation, and an appropriate choice of components and materials, must be considered with the utmost strictness.

Respect for the environment is also pursued with careful choices since the first preliminary projects and until the end of the construction (even in the yard, during processing, techniques to reduce an environmental impact can be adopted).

But just as important is the reduction in consumption,
potential accidental spills
and functional discharges in the sea and in the atmosphere.

The chapter of environmental protection therefore includes energy savings, which can be achieved with a more accentuated accuracy or through very complex technical choices; but also making available to customers with appropriate sensitivity, propulsive technologies of the latest generations. Fabiani Yacht currently has unpublished solutions for hybrid propulsion, such that (to date) two boats of more than 60 and 100 tons, respectively, can navigate fully electric propulsion for many hours. Also being able to access many protected marine areas, in absolute silence, and without any fuel costs.

Regarding the style, absolutely original, we have gathered enthusiastic opinions from all the staff who participated in the design; but, you know, it’s a subjective factor…