Innovative Solutions

Comfort and security are certainly considered essential elements and many solutions are intended to achieve the highest levels of usability and ergonomics, both for spaces and technical features.

However, a unique and exclusive aspect that concerns all Fabiani Yacht boats, is represented by the possibility to access in complete autonomy on board for people on wheelchairs, from the dock of the port towards any environment of the boat.

At the same time, the innovative patented platform allows:

  • loading and unloading materials and supplies from the dock to each level of the boat;
  • raise tenders, watercraft, etc… from below the sea level up to the Fly-bridge passing through each intermediate level;
  • attest to the dock as any hydraulic walkway, but about 5 meters wide;
  • allows you to create real terraces on the sea when positioned in correspondence of the floor of the cockpit and the Fly-bridge (and you can extract “candlesticks” to get a parapet).